Now is the century when technology has already firmly rooted in our life. People can hardly imagine comfortable life without gadgets and the World Wide Web. That is why, almost every field has gone online these days. Having a website is not rareness, but actually a common thing. There are millions of different sites on different topic on the net. The question is, how to create really good and usable website? The answer is in this ultimate guide.

Make up an idea

How to Make a Website User-Friendly - An Ultimate Guide with a Bonus

As soon as you decide to go online, you need to build up a plan. Be detailed and create your own strategy. This way you will be focused on the main tasks. Put away everything and turn off the mobile phone, you don’t want to be distracted. Great ideas need time to come, so give yourself this time. Identify the target audience and what they need. Explore the market and see what your competitors can and can’t offer. This will help you to imagine how your project should look. After gathering all the thoughts, prepare the material for the website. This is probably the hardest part. You need the content that will correspond your brand identity and introduce it in a simple manner. Keep in mind, that it is not only text, but images, videos and slogan as well. Now you are ready for the next step.

Define the design

When it comes to design, you have plenty of options. If you need the work done, ask professionals to do it. Template Monster is a place you need. You may find various templates with neat design and rich functionality. The quality website is the unity of technology and art. Find the examples further in the article and see it with your own eyes. After purchasing the template, customize it and adjust to your brand style. Usually, you need to think of :

  • proper colors
  • information in header and footer
  • sidebars
  • the most convenient layout

There can be much more changes, but these are the most common. If you are the customer of TemplateMonster you can contact the Service Center and they will give you a hand with installation and customization.

Usability comes first

Take care of navigation and usability. Visitors are not supposed to search for what they need, it should be seen at once. Even the most fantastic website won’t be popular, if it doesn’t function well. Make clear structure, so it is easy to navigate between the pages. Don’t hide Call to Action buttons. Choose a proper typography, so that the text is easy to read. What is the point if there is a text, but the font and color contrast make it impossible to read? Fulfill the header and the footer with the information. Footer is equally important, as you may place the contact information or a site map there.

Get on well with Search Engines

If you want to increase the traffic, you might need to get a higher rank on search results. To achieve this, you need to work on Search Engine Optimization while creating the website. Pay attention to meta data. It could be not visible for the users, but search engines do see it. Further, don’t think as the site owner, but become a common user. This will help you to choose the proper keywords. And the main secret: weave carefully the keywords into the website’s text content.It works well with blof, FAQ section and footer.

Be unique

To be memorable, you need to be different. It goes without saying that the content must be creative and original. In addition, it will be smart to use all the features that template has. Add multimedia and visual effects. Synchronize the Social net with your website and share the news and photos. Moreover, add the mobile version, so the clients can explore the site with every possible gadget. Responsive website has more chances to become successful as it guarantees more views.

Grab the attention

It is not that easy to attract the users, but to maintain them is a real challenge. Update the content and be dynamic. People don’t want to see the same information, so try harder and make your site truly engaging. Use newsletter subscription for direct contact with the clients. Creative and bright posts on various social media platforms will also draw the attention. The powerful tool to use is the blog. Firstly, it helps to establish the communication between you and the users. Secondly, it is one more way to improve SEO. Combine the approaches and entertain the audience.

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